[clug] RE: MakeTheMove Website Demo

Alex Osborne alex at mugofgrog.com
Thu Sep 7 12:48:48 GMT 2006

Kim Holburn wrote:
> Mike Carden wrote:
>> If you don't buy Excel, you may not access 'your'
>> spreadsheet. MS may access it freely.
> Ummm, no, they can't access it if you don't let them.
Well, that depends if you have auto-update enabled. Heck, Microsoft are
even often the first to be told about Windows security flaws. If they
had the motivation, in most setups there'd be no /technical/ reason they
couldn't access it quite freely. ;-)

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> The term "to own" has a specific legal meaning.
True, but in my interpretation Mike was taking a more practical view of
ownership - that of control. If I stole your toaster (and of course was
not caught), I might not legally or even ethically own it, but as far as
utility is concerned I would. I could use it to make my vegemite toast,
I could sell it, I could lend it to my neighbour, I could dismantle it
and use bits of for a case mod etc.

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