[clug] RE: MakeTheMove Website Demo

Mike Carden mike.carden at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 09:14:55 GMT 2006

Chris et al, great work, The site is coming up a treat. I'd like to
contribute some suggestions on the text side of things.


> First of all that is great!
Perhaps, something like 'First of all, welcome aboard!' might work better?

> You could help out with support of you Linux distribution
'your Linux distribution'


> there is generally a program that will read your data.
Perhaps 'generally a freely available program that will read your data.'

> Currently the majority of documents are Microsoft Office
'are created by Microsoft Office'

> Microsoft who can (and do) make it non-compatible
'make their file formats incompatible'

> files are closed source, it forces people to
'people are forced to'

> read and write Microsoft formats it is not always perfect
'formats, the results are sometimes imperfect'

> a new OASIS standard
Sure it comes from OASIS, but I suggest calling it an ISO standard and
referencing ISO26300.

> Microsoft's next office suite will also support this format
Not really. They will support *their own* XML format and deal with ODF
via a plugin being developed by others (project on sourceforge) with
MS support. This is not 'support.'

More on this here (and see the rest of the site)

> formats you can use that are freely usable; HTML, PDF, rich text,
Er... RTF may not be as 'free' as you may think. MS again. The spec
and license are a .exe download from microsoft.com

> closed and dangerous proprietary formats
A lovely phrase. In addition, I suggest mentioning something along the
lines that every Word Document or Excel Spreadsheet you create makes
MS a co-owner of your data.

> freely available formats, which will be around forever.
Hallelujah! I just pasted that because I wanted to read it again. :-)

I suspect I have more, but I can hear my son destroying the lounge room.


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