[clug] Software Engineering

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Sep 4 23:29:50 GMT 2006

Michael Still wrote:
> Robert Edwards wrote:
>> Firstly, our BSEng degree is already accredited by the IEAust (Institute
>> of Engineers, Australia) (not normally known as the AIE!)
> I used to sit on an IEAust conmmittee. I thought they changed their name 
> of "Engineers Australia" though.
> Mikal

Thanks Mikal, looks like I might be behind the times on that one.

Their web address is still http://www.ieaust.org.au but I can't get it
to display anything in Galeon 1.3.20 or in Mozilla Firefox 1.0.4 (both
from Debian Sarge), or in Mozilla Firefox (Ubuntu Dapper), nor
is the Google cached page rendering at all.

Anyone know why they would want to write a page which is so Javascript
heavy that it refuses to display even on the most "standard" browsers?

Maybe being accredited by them is not such a great idea after all!


Bob Edwards.

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