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> steve jenkin wrote:
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>> Mikals' note about an anti-UC bias in town is somewhat true. I've  
>> heard
>> this multiple times and had poor work performance from more than  
>> one UC
>> grad myself :-( [CCAE *was* at the forefront of "ADP" in the late  
>> 60's
>> and 70's - their "PIT" scheme with the Fed Govt created a pool of  
>> talent
>> that still has tremendous impact.]
> Keep in mind that most graduates of UC are _not_ engineers (I am
> currently studing engineering at UC).
> I have noticed a huge confusion between "Software Engineering" and
> "Engineering in Software Engineering" at UC, perhaps this is a
> contributing factor.  UC takes great pride in being "Practical", while
> ANU is far more theoretical.  As it is today, if you want to do
> Engineering in canberra, you really only have ANU to choose from.
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Please do not get confused by the bullshit Bachelor of Software  
Engineering at University of Canberra (Canb). It is the B.IT course  
with a fancy name.
All Engineering courses ceased enrollment in 2004 with current  
students being taught out until 2007. The Australian Institute of  
Engineers WILL NOT ratify this degree for anything but associate  
membership (not a full member, no professional insurance) as it is a  
3 year degree and does not meet the math requirements.  The UC  
Students Association  (when I was a member) was opposed the branding  
of the degree. UC Students Association then smugly noted the sheer  
volume of pissed off students when they came to try and get  
professional recognition. This is endemic of the poor management of  
the BLIS Faculty which has a thicker than usual file at the UCSA for  
complaints and problems, which is ironic since this is the Business,  
Law and Information Sciences Faculty.

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