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Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Sep 3 01:51:49 GMT 2006

Tarrant wrote:

>  Yeah my maths is... mediocre. If I apply myself I'm a generally high
> B-Grade student. When I don't I stoop as low as a bottom C in grades.

Believe it or not, this may actually give you an advantage in your studying.
You already know *how* to apply yourself.  This might not be enough of an
advantage, but it's a good thing to be aware of.

High school was a breeze for me, I was in the top 10% of everything without ever
having to work for it.  When I turned up at Uni I found that only the top 15%
(or so) had been accepted into my course.  That meant I was now in the *bottom*
30% (or there abouts).  Worse (for me) everyone else below me knew how to apply
themselves, and they did.  I found it really hard to keep up, and my first and
second year marks reflect that.

> While
> I understand the maths, it takes me longer and much more practicality - or
> rather practise of set questions and understanding different methods/styles
> while using the same formulas. I'm one of those who remembers something
> almost picture perfect, but only if I've done it, yet creatively or
> approaching new things I'm a bit slower to apply methods. 

This is a skill you can learn like any other.  It's not well taught at school,
but should be covered well enough at Uni.

> I've also been told that the
> first year or two(two for software engineering) you just need passes? It
> doesn't so much as count, is that true?

I think I understand what you mean here.  Engineering degrees are awarded
honours dependant on the results of your last two years.  So where as to get
Computer Science with Honours you have to do an Honours year; to get a B Eng
with Honours, you just have to have all of your contributing subjects be above
some value (65% I think for Melbourne University).  So you after four years you
graduate with:
	Bachelor of Engineering (Software)
	Bachelor of Engineering (Software) (Hons)

although the Hons are usually split into 3rd, 2nd and 1st class, but most people
don't make that distinction anyway.  ;)

I believe it's a mistake to assume that mere passes will be sufficient in the
first two years.  Some of the more interesting subjects at Melbourne Uni
required a minimum mark in their prerequisits before you could enrol in them.

> I'm still leaning towards B/IT - just need something obviously convincing
> for me to do Soft Engineering.

A B/IT degree isn't inferior to a SE degree, it's just different.  Perhaps it is
the best decision for you.  :)


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