[clug] MythTV on TransACT

Paul mylists at wilsononline.id.au
Sat Sep 2 20:38:42 GMT 2006

Not sure if this change in the 0.20 will work with TransACT i3 streams 
but worth a look ..
here is the doc pasted out off the code link below

    This type of "Capture Card" will record MPEG-2 Transport Stream feeds
     over UDP/IP. This recorder supports MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC video.
     1. USAGE
     To use this recorder in MythTV, start mythtv-setup and:
     - Create the a new "CRC IP Network Recorder" capture card.
     - Create a new video source with no listing grabber.
     - Create manually a new channel in the channel editor and set the 
video source
       to the one you just created.
     - Set the CRC_IP->MPEG2TS input to the new video source and make 
sure the
       "Starting channel" is set to the the channel number of the newly 
     The easiest way to try the IP streaming recorder is to use the VLC 
     (www.videolan.org) to stream the content of a file (MPEG1 or 
     to a UDP address using MPEG-TS transport. You can also use the H264 
     included in VLC if you have installed the mythtv_crc_h264 patch to 
MythTV. H264
     transcoding seems to work correctly only from VLC 0.8.5-test3. A 
H264 video is
     known to work with mp3 audio only, AAC support in MythTV is not 
     Here are some examples of VLC usage to test the Network input. 
These examples
     are for the VLC player for Win32 but it should be the same for the 
linux version
     except for the paths. Any movie DVD can be used in these examples. 
The IP
     destination can be changed for your network 
     To stream the content of a DVD:
       vlc dvdsimple://dev/dvd 
     To stream the content of a DVD transcoded in realtime to h264 (fast 
cpu needed!):
       vlc dvdsimple://dev/dvd 
     To transcode a DVD to h264 in a file named test.ts and then stream it:
       vlc dvdsimple://dev/dvd 
       vlc "test.ts" 


On 24/08/2006 6:05 AM, Michael Still wrote:
> Alex Osborne wrote:
> (I am currently working on a book on MythTV for Apress, then again, 
> the project is in it's early phases).
>> If anyone's interested let me know and I'll write up a guide on how to
>> build CVS MythTV and get it recording the TransTV streams. It will of
>> course only work if you have the i3 Moodbox STB, not the big black
>> Motorola one.
> I would be interested in such a guide, especially if I can use it as 
> source material for that part of the book (with due credit).
> Mikal

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