[clug] Software Engineering

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Sep 2 01:41:11 GMT 2006

On Saturday 02 September 2006 09:46, Tarrant wrote:
>  Yeah my maths is... mediocre. If I apply myself I'm a generally high
> B-Grade student. When I don't I stoop as low as a bottom C in grades. While
> I understand the maths, it takes me longer and much more practicality - or
> rather practise of set questions and understanding different methods/styles
> while using the same formulas.
I'm not sure about Software Engineering, but engineering degrees are usually  
hell on people who can't do maths. (I did Elec Eng, at ADFA - basically a 
UNSW program - lots of smart people failed first year, mostly because of 

That said, if you might want to do something other than code (e.g. do project 
management, or work on large systems), then any kind of engineering is almost 
certainly better than IT. For example, a good coder might go for up to 
75K(?), but we simply can't hire experienced avionics engineers for less than 

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