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Sam Couter sam at couter.id.au
Fri Sep 1 13:07:03 GMT 2006

Jacinta Richardson <jarich at perltraining.com.au> wrote:
> The Software Engineering degree is a 4 year degree in the Engineering Faculty.
> As well as a fair grounding in Computer Science subjects it also requires at
> least second year maths, some statistics, management and electrical engineering.
>  I believe this is based on the requirements set down by the IEEE.  This is an
> engineering course and you will learn the importance of requirements, quality
> assurance, design and testing.

I also didn't go to ANU, but did study Engineering and IT at UC.

The IT degree covered all the software development essentials you'd
expect from a computer science degree - computing maths, programming, OS
fundamentals, SDLC, etc. It also covers the less technical aspects such as
requirements gathering, QA, design, testing and project management. It
included communications courses as well. Everything the professional
developer needs to know to get started.

The engineering degree covers all that, but also the hard stuff you'll
not likely need to know: Advanced calculus and physics, elecronics
engineering, all that stuff IEEE want in an engineering degree. It
didn't seem to cover any more project management or any more programming
than the IT degree. It's an extra year of study too.

I couldn't pass the calculus part, so I don't get to call myself an

I don't see any extra value in the engineering degree unless you want
the title, or unless the hard maths, physics or electronics interests
you enough to spend an extra year at Uni. I can't think of any
professional skills it covers that the IT degree doesn't.
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