[clug] Free stuff

Grant Morphett grant at gmorph.com
Sun Oct 29 04:35:44 GMT 2006

I have a PII 266 with 288Meg RAM, 100MBit network card and vanilla AGP video
card free to anyone whom wants it.  It doesn't have a CDROM, Floppy drive or
HDD but does have a 6Gig HDD.

I also have 2 laptops - neither working.  Both are 12.1 TFT with processors
around the 200MHz mark.  I think each has around a 3Gig HDD but there may be
only one.  I suspect if you were persistent enough you could smush the good
parts from both and perhaps make one that worked.  Alternatively you may be
able to pull out the TFT's and use those for some other purpose.

Also have an ISA slot Costronic Pro PC Testing Card.

A 3COM 100Mbit PCI Fiber NIC.  Model No. 3C905B-FX.

Pickup only unless you live somewhere close to where I travel.  Contact me
off list if your interested.



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