[clug] Toshiba laptop key board.

Ian darkstarsword at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 12:05:59 GMT 2006

I know the feeling - I spilt a softdrink on my Toshiba laptop's
keyboard months ago.
At the time, when I looked around for a replacement keyboard I
couldn't find anything cheap enough to justify paying for it so (I
don't think I saw anything cheaper than ~$80 new, not including
I did a bit of a custom repair on the keyboard to remove all the sugar
from it and had stuck it back together with glue (I don't recommend
trying that though, it takes ages and doesn't yield very good results,
though it did make it sort of usable again) and used a USB keyboard
whenever possible.
The glue finally gave out last week, so I looked around again and
found someone who was selling a used one on ebay. Including postage it
cost me $34 - naturally I was hoping for less, but it is still far
less than half of what you would pay for a new one. It arrived today
in reasonable condition, aside from a small scratch and a bit of a
dent near the directional keys which I was able to bend back into
shape with some small pliers (adding an extra scratch in the process,
but at least now I can press the right arrow key).
Your best bet is probably to do something similar - keep an eye on
sites like ebay until something comes up and just use a USB keyboard
in the meantime.

On 19/10/06, Randall Crook <rcrook at vtown.com.au> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Was just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a
> retailer that could give me a good price on a replacement keyboard for a
> Toshiba laptop?
> A good friend of mine just bought an new A100 but unfortunately their
> dog felt the keyboard looked like a nice place to sleep/chew.
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
> Randall.
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