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Book before 31st October to save $50 and get a free conference t-shirt!

Registrations are open for the Open Source Developers' Conference 2006:
http://www.osdc.com.au/registration/index.html   The conference is running
in Melbourne from the 6th - 8th December, with a day of tutorials on the

Keynote talks this year include:

Damian Conway:      "The Da Vinci Codebase"

When a dying operating system scrawls his name across its corrupted boot
volume, Dr. Damian Conway, an unassuming college professor, is plunged into
a deadly race against time to solve a series of impossible riddles. What is
the mysterious "Priory of Bios?" And who are their deadly nemeses "Opus
Arai?" On the run from the law and stalked by a ghostly pale killer, will
he unravel the subtle clues hidden in Leonardo's most famous source code
and reveal to the world the incredible secret encrypted in...the Da Vinci

Randal L. Schwartz: "Free software - A look back, a look ahead"

A twenty year history of the free/open software movement, from my
perspective of how to contribute (in many ways!) and how to make money as

Richard Farnsworth: "Open Source Synchrotron"

What is a Synchrotron anyway?  What software needs does it has?  How can
Open Source help solve these?  The Australian Synchrotron achieved first
light in July 2005 almost exclusively filling its software needs through
open source.  The code base has been refined to suit local conditions, and
shared with the rest of the Synchrotron open source community.  By sharing
information, experience and software freely between scientists and
engineers, great design efficiencies have been made further aiding the
development of experimental beamlines.

Anthony Baxter:     "futurepython"

import __future__

What does the future hold for the Python language? In this talk, we'll look
at Microsoft's (Open Sourced!) IronPython and show some of the massive fun
coming down the track for scripting languages thanks to .Net and Mono.
We'll also cover Python 3.0 (now under development) and the PyPy (Python,
in Python) project.

Be a part of this fantastic conference and help it be the best developers'
conference this year!  If your business would like to benefit from exposure
to many of Australia's best open source developers then perhaps you should
consider sponsorship.  We have a wide range of sponsorship options, to find
out more information please visit:

We look forward to sharing this great conference with you!  Don't forget to
register before 31st October to get a free conference t-shirt.


	Jacinta Richardson 
	OSDC Publicity Officer

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