[clug] Trump Telstra once and for all

Andrew Goodall andrew at fumpet.net
Wed Oct 11 21:53:54 GMT 2006

On 12/10/2006, at 12:13 AM, Paul TBBle Hampson wrote:

> LOL. You managed to get 13Mb/s out of the 10Mb/s hub on the ethernet
> side of the ISG? That's both a relief, and a heck of a feat. ^_^
> And a relief, in so far as upping the speeds on the ISG _might_ be as
> easy as retrofitting a 100BaseT MAC onto the ISG... Hmm, that's a less
> bleak result than the one I got from this discussion yesterday.

Erm.... the ISG sports FastEthernet, so not sure where you're getting  
the 10 Mbit figure from.

8 Mbit video stream + 2 Mbit (fastest residential) PPPoE session  
would be a riot on 10 Mbit Ether. :)

> If we accept the anecdotal understanding I have that there's a 155Mb/s
> OC-3 to each of the pole-top boxes serving up to 50 customers, then
> that's a pretty good reason to limit people to two simultaneous  
> channels
> at a time.
> Of course, I strongly doubt that number, since I can't see how someone
> would have multiplied 50 * 8 and gotten a value less then 155...  
> Even in
> 1998, when "broadband" meant sharing a 2Mb/s cable TV downstream with
> the rest of your suburb... (Back in the days when the opposite of
> broadband was baseband, not "narrowband")

Struggling to remember now, but the broadband node (OCC card for  
optical backhaul + VTR card for VDSL copper distribution) /may/ do  
some video switching as well, to the point that the node could serve  
more than two subscribers viewing a single broadcast channel with a  
single feed from the SDB Shelf upstream. Can't remember for sure,  

And I remember thinking that 155 Mbit was too little when I first  
heard the number, too! Perhaps this will help a few people understand  
why TransACT can't offer data speeds that can compete with ADSL2+  
over their VDSL network.

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