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surv1v0r surviva00 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 9 09:14:46 GMT 2006

James Ring wrote:
> Hey,
> man smb.conf(5), see create mask.
> Regards,
> James Ring

Thanks for your help on this, I have now got it working satisfactorily, the
relevant section now reads :
	comment = Shared Data
	inherit acls = No
	directory mask = 0770
	create mask = 0770
	path = /sharedata
	read only = No

I had tried adding the "create mask = 0777" command in smb.conf and it
didn't seem to work. I then wandered off trying to work out how "inherit
acls" worked - and got nowhere.

Whilst on my journey of discovery, in the Samba documentation and an
O'Reilly book (I do love Tim O'Reilly), I also happened across "force create
mode = 0770" and "force directory mode = 0770".  Having had your response
and got it to work, I didn't follow up on this.

One thing puzzles me.  In various references, it suggests using :
	directory mask = 0777
	create mask = 0777
I don't care about permissions for the "World" so used 0770.  However, under
Linux, the permissions flags on created or saved files are always shown as
-rwxrw---- (which is fine for my purposes), the created Directory flags are
shown as drwxrwx---
>From this, I guess I should / could be using "create mask = 0760".  What
Puzzles me is why the "group" execute flag has been cleared?  Any
explanation? This really isn't important as I am happy now anyhow, but I am

One other puzzle - I get the impression that if userA opens a file for
editing, it can also be opened (at the same time) for editing by userB -
i.e. no file locks are applied - is there a way around this?
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