[clug] PS/2 trackball with wheel?

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 5 06:49:38 GMT 2006

Anybody know where I can buy or scrounge a PS/2 trackball
with a scroll wheel? A Microsoft Intellimouse Trackball,
or Logitech Trackman Wheel for example?

I want to use the thing as a hand held movement controller
for use in virtual reality. The users are standing up and
moving around so it has to be a trackball rather than a
mouse sitting on a table. The wheel is useful for a third
degree of freedom. And PS/2 for two reasons, firstly so
I can attach it to SGI/Linux machines without worrying
about drivers, and secondly because in my experience PS/2
devices run happily over 3 or 4 metre cable lengths, but
USB devices need special hub extension cables beyond 2m
and these cause wierd things to happen.

	Hugh Fisher

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