[clug] Internode ADSL2 Exchanges

John newsgrp1 at bestpond.com
Wed May 31 05:59:33 GMT 2006

> Internode now has the Melba exchange marked as "Build Preparation", as is
> Monash.
> Belconnen, Deakin and Lanyon are marked as "Planned".
> Internode are taking orders for ADSL2 on the Melba (and presumably the
> Monash) exchange(s) now.
If you log in to your plan changer (assuming already a Node customer) you 
can check whether you can change to the extreme plan now, this will leave 
you at 1500 on a Helstra dslam until the Agile dslams are available when the 
world of ADSL2 will be opened up to you. 

Non Node customers can go to the Node home page, 
enter their phone number and the screen will indicate whether Extreme 
(adsl2) plans can be ordered now (but read the notes to understand the 
> Not sure how long it will be before the exchanges are activated.
> Perhaps Steve's enquiry has had an effect.
Actually the major influence is the current level of Node connections at each 
exchange, together with a sensible business approach by Node.

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