[clug] ADSL2 in Canberra from Internode/Agile

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sun May 14 22:06:01 GMT 2006

On 12 May 2006, at 10:32, Stephen Jenkin wrote:

> Anyone interested in 24,000/1,000 ADSL2+ at home for monthly:
> 20Gbe	 $59.95	
> 40Gb	 $79.95	
> 80Gb	$119.95 <http://www.internode.on.net/adsl/pricing/home.htm>

This is surprisingly cheap - not a special introductory offer by any  

> So for me out in West Belconnen, off the Scullin exchange, they  
> have to
> buy or build a 15-20km link back to Dickson (you'd hope all that  
> Transact
> fibre would be available, but...)

In addition to the local exchange having to be compatible with the  
technology, the wiring "in the street" has to be compatible too. This  
means people in Dunlop will still be stuck on 28kbps dialup until  
their suburbs get rewired. Believe me, house sitting for someone in  
Dunlop can get quite annoying when all you can do is watch commercial  
television (digital or otherwise).


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