[clug] trouble unmounting /var on production system

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sun May 14 08:56:56 GMT 2006

Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:

> Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> >BTW, something I sometimes did was remount the filesystem read-only. It
> >may not be 100% safe, but it will stop the kernel writing stuff to the
> >filesystem while you're resizing it.
> >
> >If you have the filesystem readonly, resize it and then reboot you
> >should be fine.
> > 
> >
> Just tried it on a test system, and it didn't work:

If you have a sufficiently recent kernel (2.6.12 on Ubuntu worksforme),
you can try using ext2online.  Note that it can't make "large" changes
in size unless you run ext2prepare (offline) first.


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