[clug] trouble unmounting /var on production system

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 13 12:55:23 GMT 2006

We have a box in a colo.  Filesystems are ext3 over LVM over RAID5.  
We've reached the point where we need to resize and increase /var, and 
we'd rather not pay access fees to sit at the box.

Because it's ext3, I need to unmount the partition to resize it (BTW, 
did you know you can resize reiser partitions while they're mounted?  
Points awarded to reiser), but I can't unmount it.

I've killed everything I can find that is reasonable.  "lsof +D /var" 
shows nothing.  "ps -ef | grep var" shows nothing.  "fuser -m /var" 
shows nothing.  But I can't unmount.  (BTW, I had to use all three of 
these to find processes using /var, which I found strange)

I tried rebooting, and I tried "mount -r remount /var" first, but 
nothing seems to work.

Anybody got any ideas?


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