[clug] Contact with people in Canberra working on LTSP, thin client, Ubuntu, in schools, non-profit and/or business community

Nicholas J W Day nicholas.day at homemail.com.au
Sat May 13 08:31:38 GMT 2006

A request for assistance:


I am very keen to get in touch with people working on LTSP
development/installation in Canberra, particularly the Ubuntu iteration of
the technology.


I understand that a keen group of Canberra teachers have developed a Linux
based thin client platform for use in schools.


Could I ask any of you involved in these projects to please contact me: by
email or by phone ( my phone numbers are listed below)?


I hope to be able to contribute some time/skills to either of these




nicholas.day at bigpond.com.au

Landline 61 2 6260 5935

Mobile   0402 121 030 


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