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david at qednet.biz david at qednet.biz
Wed May 10 02:30:37 GMT 2006

My experience with ekiga (GnomeMeeting) hasn't been that great either, but
I suspect it is more because of the sorry state of USB webcam support
under linux (which is my main interest). I tend to agree it is the best of
the bunch.


> yq8sckj02 at sneakemail.com wrote:
>> 2.  I'm looking for VoIP software that uses SIP.  Should also support
>> videoconferencing. Extra points for security features but it's for
>> personal use - PABX features not required.  I've looked at a few and
>> Ekiga (http://www.ekiga.net) looks like the pick of the bunch so far.
>> Has anyone tried this?  Any other recommendations?
> I've dabbled down this path, and I can't believe how much soft phones
> suck on Linux.  They're not much better on Windows and Mac either, IMO.
> I was using ekiga on dapper for a while.  The major PITA was you had to
> bind the device to a specific interface.  So if you changed from wired
> to wireless to VPN, you have to edit your preferences and restart
> ekiga.  Who's idea was that?
> The secondary PITA was it would start hogging CPU for no reason, and
> needed to be restarted.
> Still, it was the FOSS pick of the bunch I found.
> Another worth watching is Wengophone (wengo.com).  At the time I tried
> it, it was verrrry beta (unusable), but holds promise.  Maybe.
> in non-FOSS, the Xten X-Lite (xten.com) worked well, but has a fairly
> quirky interface.  Lots of options, and is compiled for Linux, Windows
> and Mac  Scratching the memory banks, I think SJphone was a contender too.
> Tony
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