[clug] Webcams and SIP VoIP

yq8sckj02 at sneakemail.com yq8sckj02 at sneakemail.com
Tue May 9 11:23:03 GMT 2006

Hello list,

Two (related) questions:

1.  Can anyone recommend a webcam that will work well with Linux?  Any I should avoid?   I'm currently using kernel 2.6.14 (KDE on Gentoo)

2.  I'm looking for VoIP software that uses SIP.  Should also support videoconferencing. Extra points for security features but it's for personal use - PABX features not required.  I've looked at a few and Ekiga (http://www.ekiga.net) looks like the pick of the bunch so far. Has anyone tried this?  Any other recommendations?

OK, maybe that was more than two questions - sorry!

thanks in advance,

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