[clug] Various ADSL

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Sat May 6 11:02:05 GMT 2006

I had several years as a customer of Alphalink, a Victoria based ISP. I 
really, really liked them, but when TransAct came to town I had to switch.

After some research, I chose Velocitynet. Initially, they had a good Debian 
mirror and other 'free' stuff but they soon fell behind on the free mirrored 

They have kept me happy by periodically increasing my monthly cap. From 750Mb 
to 1500MB to 3000MB. This week I saw we were nudging the 3000MB/month cap and 
Velocitynet have offered me 5000MB for a tad less than I pay now for 3000 
(19.95 a month instead of 22.50 a month).

If their mirror was up to date, I would give them five stars Margaret.


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