[clug] Local Linux-Friendly ISPs? (was: Telstra ADSL)

Leigh Purdie intersect at gmail.com
Fri May 5 09:30:35 GMT 2006

Actually, this is perhaps a perfect opportunity for local linux-friendly
ISPs to come forward & speak up.

If you're a local ISP representative, and consider your ISP to be linux
friendly, please reply to this thread (during May 06), with details of your
linux credentials.

There's no real reason to advertise your actual products as such - I'm sure
we can research off-list - but let us know what sort of support (formal, or
otherwise) you are able to provide to linux users, and what level of
corporate commitment your organisation has to linux internally.



On 5/5/06, Conrad Canterford <conrad at mail.watersprite.com.au> wrote:
> Not that I have anything against Internode and I'm sure they are good, but
> there are other (local!) ISPs that are also linux friendly. I'd guess a
> number of them have been sitting quietly on the sidelines of this thread
> biting their tongues for fear of using this list as a means of advertising
> their services....
> Conrad.
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