[clug] Telstra ADSL

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Wed May 3 02:54:04 GMT 2006

Tim Potter wrote:
> I second that recommendation.  Internode are more than happy to help you
> if you are using Linux with their equipment.
I'll third that recommendation, and add that Internode have a huge 
amount of content on their local servers that isn't charged for 
download.  Mirrors of all the major Linux distros and their respective 
update repositories, mirrors of lots of internet radio stations, Tucows 
and many other mirrors, the entirety of the ABC website - all free.  
Plus, you don't get charged for your outgoing traffic (which Telstra 
_do_ charge for!) - it makes 20GB go a lot further, especially if you 
intend to use sharing peer-to-peer transfers like BitTorrent to download 
Linux ISOs and so forth.  And you can churn from Telstra for $39.

Come.  Join us.  Don't be afraid. :-)


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