[clug] [for sale] WANTED: nVidia 5200 gfx card

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Tue May 2 04:18:09 GMT 2006

Neil Pickford wrote:
> Hi Tony
> I am using the nVidia 5200 as well (Just not on Linux), however a 
> cautionary note to make sure the graphics chip has a fan on it.
Geez, you must be flogging your 5200 - mine has a largish passive 
heatsink and it's never caused any problems.  This is in an Antec Sonata 
case with four hard disks in it and an Athlon 2400 cooled with a 
standard heatsink; it doesn't blow much hot air and it's never had 
problems.  I also changed the motherboard over to a passive Zalman 
NB-47J heatsink as I've had two separate 40mm fans die (they start 
making noise, slowing down, and eventually they clog up completely).  As 
far as I'm concerned, fans are an excellent way to have a computer die 
on you prematurely.

Speaking of which: is there anyone out there with an old Pentium in the 
100 - 166MHz range, with no 'glued on' heatsink?  I'm making a 
Smoothwall firewall for a friend and I want to bolt an old Athlon 
heatsink onto it and see if I can make the processor completely 
passively cooled.  It makes a lot of noise at the moment...

Have fun,


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