[clug] [for sale] WANTED: nVidia 5200 gfx card

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Mon May 1 07:29:44 GMT 2006

Hi Tony
I am using the nVidia 5200 as well (Just not on Linux), however a 
cautionary note to make sure the graphics chip has a fan on it.

They tend to get too hot.
Depends on which board you have as to if it has a Fan fitted.

I already melted one and it took the motherboard along with it.

My current replacement also did not have a fan so I have fitted one.
It runs at a reasonable temp now.  Rule of thumb - If you cannot hold on 
to the heatsink, then it is too hot.

Neil Pickford

Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:

> Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:
>> Does any one have one they would like to sell, or (even better) lend 
>> me for a few days?
> A very quick response.  Now sorted, thanks.
> Tony

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