[CLUG] new livecd synopsis/review

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Fri Mar 31 23:14:00 GMT 2006

On 1/4/06 9:42 AM, "freegazer" <freegazer at gmail.com> wrote:
> do you have a version that will allow loading of an E desktop by default on
> the cd? the only use of it (E-17) that I have seen previously was a
> (Spanish?) LiveCD that failed to boot on even the most generous systems.
Well currently version 0.2 (yet to be released) sits at 690MB after taking
out all the man pages.. Not sure how much room I have for e17 :) However, as
the next version is installable you could easily install it and then emerge
e17 yourself. If I can strip things out of the CD then I could include e17
for you in the next release. Any idea how much space e17 will take
squashfs-ified / unionfs-ified?
> Hmm.. This is strange.. What modules weren't loading? Or are you referring
>> to not auto detecting all your devices on boot up?
> multiple modules fail during boot, on one laptop that uses a USB based
> connection to access the HDD (don't ask why i don't know but its an internal
> drive) it loaded all the usb components and still was unable to read the
> ext2 partitions giving a depmod and reboot recommendation.
Hmm.. The modules for full usb hdd access are there, but they are not built
into the kernel. My usb thumbie works just fine. Maybe that internal usb hdd
requires something specific. It certainly won't be able to access the drive
to boot from as the drivers are missing from kernel / initrd. Next release I
have a scsi kernel which includes monolithic support for both scsi / usb hdd
and cdrom drives 
> on another
> computer it simply fails to pass kernel initialization.
Any errors for this one? You can pass options to the kernel so if it's acpi
that's dying for example you can disable it with "pci=noacpi" option.
>on another it failed
> to start xgl but as it continually tried the system locked up hard.
Do you remember what video card this was? 0.1 only supports nvidia gf3+ and
radeons using fglrx. Radeon dri and intel dri were absent from the cd.
> on another there were several errors reported by the system pointed to the
> fact that several kernel modules failed to load, once again the error
> pointed to depmoding and rebooting to resolving the issue.
This doesn't make sense to me, dunno why it broke.
> I was not going into detail on these errors ( and still will not) as I was
> not and am not attempting to get a resolution to these problems. I simply
> want people to know they exist and to emphasis that despite this it is still
> a worthwile demo-cd, the installed system may well have solutions to these
> issues
Ahh.. Ok, well nps, ignore my probes above :) Thanks for the feedback it
might help me get something fixed.
>> What monitors were you trying on? Maybe it was the video card? 0.1 only
>> supports nvidia and ati (fglrx) atm.
> samsung LCD, ibm LCD, acer CRT & LCD (several models), only one of the acer
> LCD monitors and a laptop screen had issues. As to the Video card read above
> and also add at least one case of xserver bombed out with little or no
> information in sys logs
Ok, well I have no idea why that would be as it's hard coded to only run
> Sweet ;) If only I could get fglrx to work without seg faulting the kernel
>> we'd be ready for another release.. :(
> You said above that you had it working without issue on ATI, fglrx in
> particular ..... care to amend that statement?
Ahh.. I can't remember where I said it, but I can re-iterate. ATI fglrx
works fine on 0.1, but for the next release 0.2 I am having troubles :(

Thanks a lot for your emails!


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