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Canadian Company Search Engine is a powerful search engine of Canadian company information and capable of searching out relevant companies and their contacts instantly in accordance with your enquiry configuration.
2005 Canadian Business Database -- Online Download
Each company information is composed of several parts as follows – basic information of company, contact of company, as well as the message of their products and service. 
What's inside this product 
 Company Basic Information: Company Name, Company Description, Email, Fax, Tel Area Code, Telephone, Toll Free Phone, Website URL, Total Sales and so on. 
 Company Contacts: Name, Title, Area, Email, Telephone, Fax 
 Company Products and Service: Name, Type, Is Exporting, Description 
 Stat. Name   Count Percent  
 Number of total companies   52,987 100%   
 Companies with Email   40,625 76.67%   
 Companies with Fax number   44,992 84.91%   
 Companies with Phone number   52,933 99.90%   
  Companies with Toll free phone number   12,710 23.99%   
  Companies that number of employees is less than 100   21,023 39.68%   
  Product or Service records   213,630     
 Stat. Name   Count Percent  
 Number of total Contacts   85,638 100%   
 Contacts with Email   54,360 63.48%   
 Contacts with Fax number   62,544 73.03%   
 Contacts with Phone number   77,109 90.04%   


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