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If(empty($menu)) {

BTW, more recent versions of PHP are a lot more strict with
variable scoping and do not accept HTTP _POST and _GET blindly,
Your need to use $_GET['menu'].

Also, what happens if I try http://yourhost/index.php?menu=/etc/passwd ?
I have created something similar to what you describe, but $menu gets fed
through a case statement that ends with a sane default if it doesn't
match anything on my list of allowed values.


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It's just one of those days >:o

Okay so here's the dilemma.  I have a page - say index.php which has a variable 'menu' to be passed back to itself.  This variable is then used to call in flash movie (yeah, yeah I know....).  This part was working and but I have since broken it again.  However, the problem does not lie here.

I cannot for the life of me work out how to set a default variable if one is not passed (eg user goes to index.php as opposed to index.php?menu="about").

I have tried if(!$menu) {blah} and if ($menu=="") {blah}.  Neither work
- is there any other solution that I have just simply overlooked?


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