[clug] CLUG feedback

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Fri Mar 24 06:22:08 GMT 2006

Chris Smart wrote:

>Great to meet you all :)
>The CLUG meeting was a hoot, I had a ball!
For the benefit of people who weren't there last night, Chris brought
along a laptop running Kororaa, which has the new XGl window manager on
it.  There are so many spiffy things you can do with this it's
exhausting to think of; those that have seen Mac OS X with it's graphic
wonderment will know the idea.  My pick of the best would be to tile all
the windows 'further away' with a keystroke, then when you select one it
pops back and all the rest minimise (I assume), and the ability to make
one or more windows partly transparent, so as to be able to read text
from it while editing in a window 'underneath' it without losing sight
of either window.  The best thing is that all this takes very little CPU
time, as it's all done in OpenGL by your friendly neighbourhood video card.

What cool things Open Source Software is doing!

Have fun,


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