[clug] RE: Distributing a large file to many servers

O Plameras oscarp at acay.com.au
Mon Mar 13 00:37:01 GMT 2006

Matthew Sheppard wrote:

> Something which seems like it should be a solved problem, but on which 
> I haven't been able to dig up a definitive answer.
> Given a number of servers, connected through a switch, where one of 
> the servers has a large (say, 60GB) file, what's the best way to get 
> the file onto all servers. Obviously having each server individually 
> fetch the file from the master will be slower than necessary but 
> managing any other arrangement seems like it will rapidly become quite 
> complex.
> Multicast sounds like it would be helpful, but I'm not aware of any 
> tools for using it in this sort of operation. Bittorrent also seems 
> like it might be helpful, so if there are any pointers for setting up 
> a private bittorrent network with CLI only tools that would be great.
> I'm hoping, however, this is one of those problems which was solved 
> neatly many years ago and is simple if you know the right tools.

OpenAFS  (www.openafs.org) is  elegant  and  extremely  secure
in addition to many more functionalities.

For example, once it is setup as to where (servers are setup once) to 
we just issue the commands:

#vos release volume.name
#fs checkvolumes

each time we change the file(s) to distribute.

O Plameras

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing - Socrates


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