[clug] Acer WT300 Thin client

Stephen Boyd bunyipr at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 11:09:54 GMT 2006

I 'invested' 20 bucks in a thin client device and now my challenge is
to get it running linux or NetBSD.

Currently it runs Windows CE 2.1 and can act as either a Windows RDP
or Citrix ICA client. i'd like to replace that with either an
Xterminal or a browser.

I has a Cyrix MediaGX LV 200 MHz CPU (an IA-32 clone),  8 MB of flash 
DiskOnChip, 256 kB Boot chip also in a socket, 64M? RAM, two USB 1.1?
ports, ethernet, vga, etc.  Boots OK, but wants a password to get into
admin mode (needed to get it to update the firmware, although since
the flash chip is in a socket I should be able swap it once I get
something to copy with.

Any suggestions as to where to start?  In particular does anyone have
hardware to allow me to copy to-from the DiskOnChip or any experience
with them?

I'll bring the device to the next CLUG meeting.


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