[clug] Anyone using iBurst? Ssh usable?

Neill Cox neill at ace-hosting.com.au
Sat Mar 4 06:29:36 GMT 2006

I'm using iBurst on a 256Kb plan for ssh without problem as long as 
there's coverage.

Coverage in Canberra seems a bit spotty.  It's good in Civic, poor in 
Barton and Deakin, poor to non-existent in Evatt, McKellar and Cook.

I'm currently considering changing over to the Vodafone 3G service which 
seems to have better coverage.


Michael Ellerman wrote:
> Hi clugers,
> Just wondering if anyone out there is using iBurst for broadband, and
> if so, is it usable for ssh access? That is, not too laggy? I'd be
> connecting to some machines here in Canberra, and some via vpn in
> Sydney (I think).
> cheers

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