[clug] Ride Your Bike For LINUX!

Paul Wayper paul.wayper at anu.edu.au
Fri Mar 3 02:31:13 GMT 2006

Hi all!

Steve Hanley, the biking maestro and all-around nice guy that has been
organising the past CLUG bike rides, is going to be competing every
weekend until mid April, apparently.  I'm hungry for riding, though, as
I had a blast last time, and it can't be that difficult to organise...
:-)  So I'll just get the ball rolling, so to speak, by saying that
we'll be having another CLUG bike ride on Sunday the 26th of March. 
We'll meet outside building 108 (the CS and IT building that CLUG
meetings and gannett frenzies are held in) at around 10:30AM and mosey
up on through the AIS, around Lake Gininderra, and then up through Cook
and back down around the lake to ANU again.  If possible we'll have an
afternoon barbecue, at ANU or maybe at my place in Cook, at which other
non-bike-riders can meet up and we can all pretend we're legends :-)

Please let me know (on-list, maybe) if you're coming as previous events
have faltered due to lack of obvious support.  This is a very relaxed,
enjoyable ride, and will be even more so if I'm leading as I compare to
Steve's level of fitness as I compare to Linus in kernel hacking ability.

Have fun,


P.S. People living in Belconnen who don't want to ride down to ANU only
to ride back up again can maybe meet us part-way along.  If you're
interested in this option, let me know.

-- Paul Wayper at ANU - +61 2 6125 0643
-- Research Programmer and System Administrator

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