[clug] [FOR SALE] Printer, laptop and old machines

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sat Jun 24 10:23:07 GMT 2006


I have accumulated some excess hardware, and it has got to go.

I'm taking the best offer on any of this stuff. I'm willing to consider
* minute amounts of cash
* exchange for something interesting
* believable statement of intent to do something open source
*  or just coming around to collect it (Farrer).

Kyocera FS1700 printer (laser, linux compatible, extra trays, envelope feeder 
and duplex tray, network card or parallel) + spare toner cartridge. Works OK, 
I just got a smaller printer.

Old Dell full tower (P3 800Mhz?) - probably working

Old desktop machine (P2 300MHz, dual nics - good for firewall / router) - 
probably working, might need new harddrive (I did a dd /dev/zero to /dev/hda, 
and it hasn't been the same since :-)

An old Sony laptop (P3, 433MHz? 6G HD) with dead batteries and a bit noisy but 
otherwise OK.

I also have some USB 1.1 bits (hubs, mice, keyboards) and storage stuff (CD 
writers, zip drives etc)  in the cupboard if anyone needs them - let me know 
what you need.

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