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Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
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Hi Paul,

Try R, http://www.r-project.org/ AFAIK, the raster renderer is still a
syscall to Ghostscript, but I have previously found that the default
settings (i.e. DPI) are very hackable if they are not to your satisfaction:


	plotting.context<-function(x) bitmap(file=x, type="png256", width=ceiling(image.pixel.width/image.dpi), 	  ceiling(image.pixel.height/image.dpi), res=image.dpi, pointsize=11)
	  plotting.context.at.a.glance<-function(x) bitmap(file=x, type="png256", 	  width=ceiling(image.pixel.width/image.dpi), ceiling(image.at.a.glance.pixel.height/image.dpi), 	  res=image.dpi, pointsize=11)


We cron it in batch mode to generate graphs of very large climate datasets.



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Hi people,

I thought I'd put out a request to the Lazyweb for information about drawing graphs (bar charts, line charts, etc) in a program (e.g. in
Perl) that can be output directly to a printer.  I'm trying to graph information that has a lot more statistical resolution than the 65,536 data rows that OpenOffice Calc seems to be limited to.  My current program uses the GD::Graph library, which is fine if you want to output a PNG at a large resolution, load it into GIMP, scale it to the page and print it - because that's the only way I've found so far of actually outputting the graph in anything near the printer's actual resolution (everything else seems to think that 50DPI is fine).  I don't mind if I do the rasterisation inside the program rather than inside the printer driver - so I don't _have_ to output PostScript - but I want something that can take up an entire sheet of A4 at 360DPI or better.

Any recommendations?

Have fun,


P.S. I've tried ploticus.  I intend to translate its entire manual into Esperanto - that way more people would be able to understand it than the way it's currently written.
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