[clug] Re: Linux Learners Group idea

Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Fri Jun 16 02:01:41 GMT 2006

On Friday 16 June 2006 10:09, Paul Wayper wrote:
> Rodney Peters wrote:
> > One point that has not yet been made in this thread is that the Linux
> > community in Canberra may not be large enough to support two viable
> > beginner's LUGs.
> >
> > What makes PCUG a better venue for Learner's meetings is the facilities
> > there. PCUG have Linux installations that newbies can try out in hands-on
> > mode plus an Internet connection, via which additional software or
> > updates can be obtained.  There is also a separate training setup of 10
> > PC, for which I verified Linux compatibility recently.
> This sounds like a fantastic setup, Rod!  I don't think any CLUGgers
> (cluggites?  clugmons?) had any particular need for the meetings to be
> at ANU like the regular CLUG meetings, and I for one would be happy to
> work in with the PCUG, both to help doing presentations and to give
> Linux learners whatever help I can (I still consider myself one of them
> :-).  Obviously the limited contact between the PCUG and the CLUG has to
> be improved!
> I'm going to go out on the gangplank and ask if you'd be interested in
> coming along to the CLUG meeting next Thursday and giving a short talk
> about what you do already, and after the gannet feeding session (i.e.
> pizza) everyone who's interested in getting involved can start to make
> some inroads on organising what needs to be done.
> Have fun,
> Paul

Yes - I would certainly be prepared to give a short talk about the PCUG Linux 
Learner's SIG activities next Thursday.  Don't have a good feel for duration, 
until I outline it, but (say) 15 minutes.


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