[clug] LLG idea - minutes

Daniel Black daniel.subs at internode.on.net
Thu Jun 15 08:34:34 GMT 2006

> One thing that seems to be missing on your list is the InstallFest.

Was kinda there under Install meetings. It was a main objective so it could of 
been highlighted more.

> At a LUG I was previously a member of, we used to have installfests
> quite regularly (maybe once every month or two), and there was never any
> end of "customers".  People would come in with their own boxes and we'd
> help them get their preferred version of Linux installed.  We'd hold it
> on a Saturday afternoon, order pizzas in to keep us going. It was quite
> a fun and social time, which makes it quite a different experience from
> turning up at someone's place and just getting "business" done.

Sounds good.

> Looks like they're still busy with them ... http://www.lugod.org/if/

Nice web site. I see a lot of good sharable ideas there.

> Drew


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