[clug] linux certification

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Jun 14 03:25:32 GMT 2006

James Fellows wrote:
> Hi there,
> Just wondering if anyone has any advice/recommendations on any
> linux-based certification and their worth?
> So far, I have found a SkillSoft module delivered from
> seeklearning.com.au for about $1300, for LPIC-1.

I have an LPIC-1 which I got through self study and the two exams at LCA 
2004. I don't think a course is such a fantastic use of money compared 
with the O'Reilly book, the IBM DeveloperWorks articles and the list of 
expected learning outcomes. Just remember that the book and the articles 
are out of date, and the material is all out of order now.

You can probably arrange for the exams without the course...


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