[clug] Distro advice for server

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Tue Jun 6 05:33:36 GMT 2006

Dear fellow CLUG mailing list'ers,

I am after some advice as to what distro to run on my server that has been
sitting ever so patiently under my desk for the last 6 months. Can you help?

Here are some details that might affect the distro choice:
1) It is a dual opteron machine with 8GB ram etc, h/w raid 6 controller
(areca 1220 pci express) and lots of hdd space.. I want to run vserver on
it, so that I can give virtual servers to various people. It has a tyan
"lights out" card, but I think this is non-distro specific.

2) I want to run in 64bit, but be able execute 32bit if needed.

3) It will be mail / web / CMS / DNS / rsync / vserver / subversion etc type

4) I guess I want some sort of "hardened" type security on it, not sure if
SELinux is the way to go (or perhaps RSBAC, grsecurity and PaX etc), nor how
"easy" it is to configure on the various distros. (Do people bother with
this sort of thing?)

I have been playing with Ubuntu but confess I'm an Ubuntu noob.
The distros that cross my mind are:
RedHat EL
Fedora Core
Debian Unstable (no AMD64 on Sarge)
Ubuntu Server
Gentoo (custom built and managed)

Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!

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