[clug] Subversion for sysadmin tasks

Michael James Michael.James at csiro.au
Mon Jul 31 23:58:33 GMT 2006

On Mon, 31 Jul 2006 05:12 pm, Robert Edwards wrote:
> I looked into doing this as well.
> I am not sure that subversion is the right way to do it for /etc,
> main issues I identified are: 
>   - ownership of files (when you extract from the repository,
>	   they all belong to you, but not all files in /etc
>	   are owned by root) 
>   - preserving permissions on the files
>   - all those .svn directories lying around
>	   (and some of them are quite large).

On SuSE there is a config process run out of cron
 that sets permissions and ownerships according to templates.

The base set are in	/etc/permissions

Then overlay your choice of poison:

Then your custom files	/etc/permissions.local

The point is that running this as part of the version commit
 sets all the ownerships and permissions according to a file.
And the file is under version control.


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Here's a bit of /etc/permissions.secure:

# /etc
/etc/crontab      root:root          600
/etc/exports      root:root          644
/etc/fstab          root:root          644
/etc/ftpaccess    root:root          644
/etc/ftpusers      root:root          644
/etc/inetd.conf    root:root          644
/etc/inittab        root:root          644
/etc/mtab         root:root          644
/etc/rmtab        root:root          644
/var/lib/nfs/rmtab   root:root          644
/etc/syslog.conf      root:root          600

# suid system programs that need the suid bit to work:
/bin/su             root:root         4755
# disable at and cron for users that do not belnong to the group 
/usr/bin/at        root:trusted      4750
/usr/bin/crontab   root:trusted      4750
/usr/bin/gpasswd  root:shadow       4755
/usr/bin/newgrp    root:root         4755
/usr/bin/passwd    root:shadow       4755
/usr/bin/chfn        root:shadow       4755
/usr/bin/chage      root:shadow       4755

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