[clug] Re: apt repos failure

Robin Shannon robin.shannon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 08:31:16 GMT 2006

Thnkyou to everyone who responded i changed my repos to
au.archive.ubuntu.com using http://ra0.anu.edu.au:3128 as a proxy and
everything seems to work swell.

As several people suggested i did apt-get update 2> temp/file.txt and
found that the problem i had with the uni of West Australia mirror was
due to a misspelling, however the problem with the debian.anu.edu.au
mirror was that some of the package lists couldn't be ungzipped (i
then tried ungzipping redownloaded versions with konqueror and opening
them with ark and they returned a error again) so if the person
responsible for debian.anu.edu.au is on this list i would be glad to
provide you with the particular package lists that have the problem so
that you can fix them.

Thanks again to everyone,

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