[clug] aRts needed these days?

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Thu Jul 27 00:27:01 GMT 2006

On Thursday 27 July 2006 00:40, Chris Smart wrote:
> Hey all,
> Does anyone think aRts (KDE sound server) is needed these days now that we
> have alsa?
It serves a slightly different purpose - aRts is an abstraction layer (for 
portability, KDE runs on OS other than Linux, apparently). Well, arts is 
meant to be an abstraction layer. Mostly it is an unmaintained mess, and its 
main purpose is to give KDE developers an example to point to whenever 
someone wants to introduce a glib dependency into KDE.

> I'm wondering whether I should build Kororaa with aRts support or leave it
> out. I built a system without it and have not found any problems, so I
> wonder :) It would be nice not to have it as a dependency, especially for
> Gnome users.
Interestingly, the goal of arts was to support both gnome and kde.

BTW: for KDE4, KDE will have a simple abstraction API (Phonon) that uses 
backends like NMM, GStreamer or similar.

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