[clug] Calling all Canberra Perl enthusiasts

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Mon Jan 30 04:32:21 GMT 2006

Having spoken to Jacinta Richards from Perl Training Australia, she's very
excited about combining PM and PSIG for a Perl Flavoured PSIG every 3
months. So, as long as no one has any great objections, we'll allocate every
3rd PSIG as the PMPSIG (Perl Mongers and Programming Special Interest
Group), and the Perl Mongers can join the PSIG's for pancakes, Internet and

Please let me know if you have any objections or comments, If I don't hear
anything before the next PSIG, I'll organise the dates with Jacinta and Paul
and we can start monging away.


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If you program in Perl, or have a passing interest in Perl, please consider
helping revitalise the Canberra chapter of Perl Mongers.

The group is currently languishing somewhat, and in danger of formally
ceasing to exist, mainly due to apathy.

When I was in Canberra, I helped organise a couple of dinner meetings for
when Paul and Jacinta from Perl Training Australia were in town, and the
meetings were quite good.

What we really need to do is get someone to step up and volunteer to be a
nominal "leader" for the chapter. That leadership need only be poking the
list every now and then and trying to organise the occasional meeting. I
think there is room to overlap to a degree with CLUG's PSIG. You could
perhaps just devote one PSIG meeting a quarter to Perl, and call it Perl

So if you're into Perl, and would like to help keep the chapter going,
please at least subscribe to the Canberra.pm mailing list and introduce



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