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Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
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Most of the Internal ones are cheaper as they are winmodems, which is what a
modem would be if Satan ran the design shop. I've never liked Winmodems, and
always found them to buggy in their native OS. I don't know if anyone in
CLUG has any luck or not under Linux. Obviously, be wary of any winmodems
that use the Rockwell HCF chipset. All their work is done by their
(generally windows only) software.
http://howtos.linux.com/howtos/Winmodems-and-Linux-HOWTO-1.shtml#ss1.2 has a
good idea of some of the faffing about to get one of these working under

I've been using the (external) Netcomm CD2004 Mega-I-modems
(http://www.netcomm.com.au/Spec_Sheets/CD2004_Info.pdf) a few times for bits
and pieces. RRP is $120, but I've seen them around at places like U-Mart and
EYO for $80-odd.


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I'm in the process of converting all home windows users to linux
users.  One desktop at a time. I'm up to 6 so far with only a few
hundred million to go.

My latest victory over the dark forces that would bind us was my
sister in-law.  She's a dial-up user and didn't have a modem internal
or external for me to configure.  I've loaned her my old netcomm 28k
external modem for now but I have to recommend a modem for her to buy
to use on the OpenSUSE 10 system she now has.

Can anyone recommend a particular model of internal modem to use that
might be available locally?  I guess an external modem would be best
but the internal modems are a lot cheaper aren't they?  Anyway I've
been bitten before with wifi cards and linux support so I thought I'd
ask first this time.


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