[clug] Internal Modems

Duncan Roe duncan_roe at acslink.net.au
Sun Jan 29 21:00:21 GMT 2006

For years I used a maestro internal modem (locally made and supported too).
It simply showed up as a COM port - no special driver needed.

Cheers ... Duncan.

On Sun, Jan 29, 2006 at 04:30:42PM +1100, Brett Worth wrote:
> I'm in the process of converting all home windows users to linux
> users.  One desktop at a time. I'm up to 6 so far with only a few
> hundred million to go.
> My latest victory over the dark forces that would bind us was my
> sister in-law.  She's a dial-up user and didn't have a modem internal
> or external for me to configure.  I've loaned her my old netcomm 28k
> external modem for now but I have to recommend a modem for her to buy
> to use on the OpenSUSE 10 system she now has.
> Can anyone recommend a particular model of internal modem to use that
> might be available locally?  I guess an external modem would be best
> but the internal modems are a lot cheaper aren't they?  Anyway I've
> been bitten before with wifi cards and linux support so I thought I'd
> ask first this time.
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