[clug] pet supermarket bounces

E. kane at areujoking.com
Sun Jan 29 07:07:20 GMT 2006


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> Subject: [clug] pet supermarket bounces
> This weekend I've tried replying to a couple of items on the 
> mail-list but for each sent item I'm reciving some bogus 
> ".sspam at uol.xxxxxx"
> request to use a webpage to confirm the message. can anyone 
> confirm if this is a PEBKAC error or is this a list issue??

You are not the only one.
It's some shumck using UOL (think AOL, only in a more southern direction)
that is subscribed to CLUG but has the AOL/UOL "allowed senders" spam
filtering McThingy turned on. In such a case you aren't *allowed* to send
email to that recipient.

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