[clug] Canberra: Good home for vintage server

George Bray listoid1 at linkalarm.com
Wed Jan 25 02:52:29 GMT 2006

I have a Compaq Proliant 7000 server vintage 2000 that needs a good  
home.  As it's quite heavy it's probably only appropriate for  
Canberra cluggers.  It fits in the back of a station wagon.


It has four Pentuim Pro 200 brains and a gig of ram.  3 x 9GB and 8 x  
18GB RAID.  Runs Ubuntu just fine (free install disk included :)

Highest offer accepted, pickup in Belconnen ( in a week or so ).

George ( geo at mac dot com)

PS, yes I erased the disks and it didn't get any lighter!

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