[clug] Compiling fortran

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com
Wed Jan 4 11:02:01 GMT 2006

On Wed, Jan 04, 2006 at 09:34:07PM +1100, Adrian Blake wrote:

> I am trying to compile a Fortran program. In the past it has worked 
> successfully, that is with Mandrake 10.1 installed. I have upgraded to 
> 2006 and compilation gives this error:
>  ./community.compile.sh
> ld: crtbegin.o: No such file: No such file or directory

I've just check that the g77 translator works on my OpenSuSE 10.0 
system and it does.

The crtbegin.o file is a part of the gcc-4.0.2 install.  

brettw at racer:/tmp> locate crtbegin.o
brettw at racer:/tmp> rpm -qf /usr/lib/gcc/i586-suse-linux/4.0.2/crtbegin.o
brettw at racer:/tmp> cat x.f
       WRITE(6,*) 'Hello World '
brettw at racer:/tmp> g77 -O -o  x x.f
brettw at racer:/tmp> ./x
 Hello World
brettw at racer:/tmp>


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