[clug] Ubuntu - looking for a hand to get started.

Rhys Howitt rhysh at webone.com.au
Mon Jan 2 03:47:44 GMT 2006

Hi, I'm new to the list, and my area of interest is using open source 
software to assist start-up co-operative businesses in rural towns.

I code a bit, and can do good stuff with applications, but networking stuff 
is a bit too far outside my expertise.  I bought the cheapest Dell laptop 
recently, as a play machine, and I'm having trouble connecting it to 

It wouldn't connect to the internet after setup.  I tried everything I could 
think of, or could find in Google, and I did in the end get a connection to 
my (via Transact) ISP.  But I haven't managed to duplicate the feat since 
logging out, and am now thoroughly confused.

I also have a Dell/Broadcom wireless card, which I can't find either.  I 
understand that I need to do some fancy things with ndiswrapper, but have 
again been unsuccessful so far.

Plus, my dial-in modem, a Conexant type, isn't available either.  I 
understand that I may need to buy a Linuxant driver.

Is anyone able to give me a hand getting started, so I can get at least one 
of these 3 channels to the Net working OK?

I'm in Scullin, Belconnen, and am on 0412 867 731.  The Ubuntu is a 5.10 
disk, as a sole installation.


Rhys Howitt 

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